Wills, Probate and Administration of Estates

Harold Pluss is our Senior Wills advisor; he is assisted by Magdalena Gongala-Stepien. Our fee for the preparation of a single typical Will is £250 plus VAT and our fee for two typical mirror image Wills for a couple is normally £450 plus VAT. Fees for longer Wills or those containing special provisions are negotiable based on our hourly charging rate.

Roma Paluch, Harold Pluss and Magdalena Gongala-Stepien advise in Probate and Administration of Estates. Our Probate team has substantial experience in advising in all matters relating to the administration of Estates. They are assisted by Barbara Jasnikowska. Fees are negotiable, either based on an hourly charging rate (currently £225 per hour), or at a fixed fee to be agreed, depending on the value of the Estate, and the complexity of the assets comprising the Estate. This will depend on whether the Estate is taxable, and whether transferable nil rate band applies, or residential nil rate band. The minimum we will charge to obtain a Grant of Probate on a modest Estate will be between £1,500 and £3,000 plus VAT. More complex estates will require an initial interview to assess the extent of the Estate, including: whether there is a will; the domicile of the deceased; whether there are foreign assets; how many beneficiaries and in which country they reside.

Please contact Roma Paluch or Harold Pluss for more information.