Roma Paluch is our Immigration advisor. She is a member of the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association ILPA.

We offer advice on Immigration matters relating to EEA Nationals exercising European Treaty rights including applications to the Home Office for registration certificates for EEA family members, and documents certifying permanent residence. Our firm’s fees for the application will be one applicant - £700.00 plus VAT; applicant plus spouse - £750.00 plus VAT; when children are included on an application for permanent residence we will add a further £50 plus VAT per child. These fees may vary from case to case, depending on your personal circumstances.

There is a Home Office fee of £65 per person. If you are a married couple with two children then the total application fee to the Home Office will be £260.00. This can be paid by cheque or by debit or credit card. The application will not proceed until funds are cleared, and if a cheque is sent, they advise that five days’ clearance time will be required. Accordingly, if you wish the application to proceed as swiftly as possible, we recommend that you bring your debit or credit card with you so that we can complete those details on the payment details part of the application form.

We also advise on matters of citizenship and nationality. An application for Naturalisation will be charged at £750 plus VAT per person. There are home office fees payable which increase every year in April. As at April 2018 the fees are £1,330 per person. There is no reduction when married couples apply. Each has to complete a separate form and pay a separate fee.

We offer a one-off interview at a fee of £125 plus VAT.

For an initial consultation please contact Roma Paluch.